The D1001 standard for management control

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19 December 2019
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Lo standard D1001 per il controllo di gestione

auditor or financial inspector working on sales performance report at modern workplace

The D1001 standard for management control

Within a company, management control is a tool that provides the management with objective and timely information regarding its economic, financial and asset performance.

This tool allows the management to have data and indicators always up to date, to be able to monitor the situation and to highlight any deviations between the planned objectives and the results achieved.

The company management, especially during times of uncertainty and with constantly changing reference markets, can make conscious strategic choices for the protection of the company’s assets and, in the broadest sense, also for the protection of employees, the surrounding community, customers and suppliers.

MPT has been developing its own management control system for years and has therefore submitted it for certification according to the D-1001 standard, a choice that has proved its validity with the constant growth and improvement of the results obtained, thanks to the application of the requirements of this standard.

An interesting aspect of D-1001, beyond being a certifiable standard on a voluntary basis, is the fact that it was conceived in a manner that is consistent and complementary with UNI EN ISO 9001 (another certification that our company is proud to have achieved).

Lo standard D1001 per il controllo di gestione

auditor or financial inspector working on sales performance report at modern workplace

The D-1001 standard (proposed by Dasa – Raegister) was created from a common need: a management system was required to monitor the financial and economic situation applicable, as for all ISO systems, to all realities. 

The benefits that the D-1001 certification has helped to bring to our company include the following:

1. at MPT, programming and performance are improved, based on a system of objectives to be achieved;

2. processes are managed effectively;

3. we have objective and timely information to support all of our strategic and operational decisions;

4. we have organic presentations of our economic and financial structure and documents that certify the reliability of our company.

The D-1001 standard also provides great benefits for the customers to whom MPT addresses:

1. we are able to regularly provide the necessary information to the major credit institutions, as required by European legislation;

2. we can provide evidence, at any time, of our ability to plan, schedule and manage business processes and situations;

3. we assure our suppliers that we will keep our commitments and fulfil our obligations to them;

4. lastly, we offer our customers a high level of transparency, comparison, support and adaptability, partly as a result of market changes.

MPT has obtained the D-1001 Management Control certification following the specific audit activities carried out and, in order to prove its continuous compliance with the provisions of the Standard, it is periodically subject to a regular surveillance audit.