We are an Italian company based in Altavilla Vicentina, in the province of Vicenza. We have a strong international vocation and we export over 90% of our production.
We are specialized in the production of turned parts that are used in hoses, heating, automotive, solar, high pressure pumps, sensors, electronics, pipes and gauges.
We are proud of our work and of the quality coming out of our production lines, objects accurately made, from both the technical and aesthetic point of view.
We seek every day materials and innovative solutions, with an eye to environmental issues and the containment of waste.
The passion for what we do, combined with strict manufacturing methods and technology, all contribute to understand why M.P.T. Srl is an ideal partner for its clients who need: precision turned parts, precision manufacturing, cnc machining services, cnc turning, micro machining, cnc services, rapid machining, turning lathe, cnc machining center, sheet metal components, machined parts
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Our Values

Since the establishment of the company the management of MPT Srl sustained the importance of working with focus on customer satisfaction, with respect for the environment and with human resources involved, valued and respected.
These principles resulted in the certification of MPT’s Quality Management System according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 and the Planning System and Business Management according to the norm D-1001:2008,in highly advanced technical solutions to reduce the environmental impact. A Code of Conduct summarizes the commitment and the respect of MPT of its Customers, its employees and all stakeholders. All personnel shares and respects the principles contained therein.


M.P.T. Srl was established in Vicenza on the will and the experience of Mr. Antonio Matteazzi and stands now as a professional and reliable partner of large European companies, leader in various manufacturing sectors. The company produces turned parts used in hoses, heating, automotive, solar, high pressure pumps, sensors, electronics, pipes and gauges. We work on customer’s drawings with lots of high and medium quantities, where the range of work is primarily comprised between diameters 3 and 25 mm. The company structure is professional, dynamic and compact, so as to ensure a high level of service, organized and above all flexible. Customer care and human resources are confirmed by the certification of Quality Management System in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2015 and the Code of Ethics that summarizes the commitment and respect MPT Srl toward the Customer, towards its employees and all parties involved in the activity. All personnel share and respect the principles contained therein.
All plant and equipment are of recent purchase so as to ensure a high level of quality and reliability, as well as control instrumentation, with a new digital equipment that maintains performance monitoring and recording of information directly into the quality testing management system, for efficient traceability and statistical analysis of the collected data.
We contribute with our work to keep the value attributed to the Italian technology abroad, seeking perfection without compromise. We are aware that the search for excellence and well-made things, together with firm ethical principles, can create over time value for all parties concerned.
Each customer must perceive these values and find in M.P.T. Srl an excellent partner that helps him in maintaining the positions in the markets in which he operates.


MPT Srl considers the management of environmental issues as an important factor for the development and for achieving the objectives.
Our company takes into account the environmental effects of each activity, adapting actions and behaviors, and is committed to the following principles:

1. to ensure that its activities comply with the requirements of the law;
2. to educate and raise awareness on the environmental responsibility;
3. to assess in advance the possible environmental effects of new businesses and new jobs;
4. take the necessary measures to preserve the resources used in its processes and to minimize the environmental impacts of its activities.