M.P.T. for environment and sustainability

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19 December 2019
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The D1001 standard for management control
19 December 2019

M.P.T. for environment and sustainability

M.P.T. has achieved a major milestone as regards sustainability: the ISO 14001 certification, an international standard that specifies the requirements of a certified environmental management system.
This type of guarantee, provided by ISO 14001, enables M.P.T to pursue its objectives of respect and protection of the environment:

  • we control and maintain legislative compliance and monitoring of environmental performance;
  • we aim to constantly limit waste by reducing consumption and energy resources;
  • we simplify our business procedures, proposing to maintain the values that have always distinguished us, seeking continuous training and following the changes in the market in terms of technological innovations within our company;
  • we make sure that we always act in accordance with sustainability standards to take care of the environment in all of our actions, strategies, assessment and choice of products and raw materials of our company.

We are better acquainted with the specifications for the ISO 14001 certification. What do I need to do to get it?

  • carry out an environmental analysis, i.e., achieve an in-depth knowledge of the environmental aspects (emissions, use of resources, etc.) that an organisation must effectively manage, understand the legislative framework and the requirements applicable to the company and assess the significance of the impacts;
  • define a company policy;
  • define specific environmental responsibilities;
  • define, implement and maintain the activities, procedures and records required by the requirements of the certification.   

M.P.T, in its process of development and growth, has also been working for several years to ensure a fair balance between competitiveness, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We are convinced that only in this way can we achieve the objectives of success and promotion of a true corporate culture.