products per year in different types of brass alloys

of our product is exported to Europe.

at work to give maximum efficiency and productivity.

If you want to buy precision turned parts then we can provide you with the best quality products. We are a turned components manufacturer who specialise in many parts used in items such as heating, vehicles, pumps, hoses, sensors, pipes, gauges and solar equipment. We work hard to produce the best quality products and this starts from the raw materials which we choose very carefully, making sure that they are of the best quality. We then make sure that we use the best possible manufacturing processes so that the final products are the best precision turned components that you can get. We believe in producing the best value for money and that is why we ensure that everything is of a really high standard.

We know that our customers want to find the best precision parts manufacturer for their products. We understand that quality is really important as is value for money. This is why we work hard to make sure that we keep all of our customers happy. Testament to this is that 90% of our customers are from Europe where they have very high standards. They would really have to be sure that we will provide a good service as it is not easy for them to return goods once they are made if they are based outside of Italy, where we are based. We understand this and therefore make sure that our items are right first time and of the required quality so that our customers can rely on us to provide them with the best cnc machining services. To do this we ensure that we fully understand what our customers want to order from us so that we deliver exactly what they want and within the timescale that they need it.

We ensure that we have up to date equipment so that not only can we produce great quality parts but we can also provide them quickly and efficiently. We therefore are careful to make sure that our warehouse of raw materials is kept well stocked so that we have everything that is needed to fulfil orders as they come in. We work for 24 hours a day so that we can fulfil orders as quickly as possible and therefore make sure that you get the parts that you need in time for when you need them. This also makes things really efficient meaning that we can keep costs down as well. We hope that this means that we can always provide our customers orders in the time that they need it in.

We hope that you will want to get in touch with us and find out more about the cnc machinery parts that we can make for you. We will be happy to discuss your requirements, including costs and timescales so that you can decide whether we will be the best company for you to use. We pride ourselves in our quality and value for money as well as our customer service and we therefore hope that you will put your trust in us.

We purchase raw material from the best certified producers in Europe. We produce many types of threads like gas, metric, ISO7, NPT, UNS, UNF, BA and left-hand threads.
The company specializes in the manufacture of products for the sectors of hose, natural gas and propane, heating, automotive, solar, hydraulic, aerospace, high-pressure, pumps, sensors, electric, thermo well, pressure gauges manometers, inserts for plastic, pneumatic, telecommunications and food.
The company is made exclusively by highly trained and specialized staff.
We make a constant training to all staff to be prepared always to use the latest technologies.

We constantly seek improvement and process efficiency in order to meet the most rigorous requirements of the market.
The Certification D1001:2008 ensures an accurate management and guarantees the credit standing of the company over time.